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Direct CNC Machining Supplier in China

As an expert CNC Machining supplier over 16years, we have the right equipment and experience to meet your one-stop fabrication demand.

Shanghai Elue CNC Machining Service FAQs

We are equipped with state of the art equipment with big production capacity, and we can do CNC milling,CNC turning, precision grinding, centerless grinding, external grinding, EDM machining, wire cutting machining in house, from prototyping jobs to production orders.
Delivery time: 3-7 working days, depending on the order quantity.
Materials: over 50+ engineering metals and plastics.

Compared with some automated quoting system, our process is not very fast. But compared with most competitors, we’re super fast and ahead of most competitors in machining industry.

Firstly, We make sure all rfqs will be replied within 2-6hours.

Secondly,during machining progress,we update progress every 3-5days.

Finally, photos or videos will be taken before and after packing,with labels(PO#, Qty, part#) marked on the outer boxes, so you can understand easily what parts are inside when you sign for the package without even opening the box.

We make sure the whole processing will be smooth and easy.

You can upload 3D CAD model to our website, our engineering team will reach out with a quote within 6hours by email. Or you can send us email with drawings to ask for quote directly Please remember to mark clearly the materials, surface finish, tolerances and quantity on the drawing for an accurate quote within 6hours.

We only stock some commonly used metals like aluminum and steel, on most occasions, the materials will be ordered after we receive your PO. And we are in good partnership with 5 material suppliers nearby for a veriety of plastics and metals, and it’s easy to start your projects right away.

The sizing for milling and turning in our workshop:

Milled parts up to 50” x 28” x 14” (1,270 x 711 x 355 mm).

Lathe parts up to 38” (965 mm) length and 20” (500 mm) diameter.

1.One-stop service:

We can support you all the way from engineering drawings, rapid prototyping, small-batch running, until mass production, post-processing and mechanical assembly.

2. Big Capacity: Well-equipped Facility with mass production capacity, over 80 machine operators. 

3. 100% Quality Guarantee Excellent after-sales service. Free replacements will be provided for quality or broken problems.As soon as you receive the parts and find anything not correct, take us photos and we’ll investigate immediately and give a reply within 24hours.

4. ISO9001/IATF16949 certified The whole processing will trictly abide by the requirements of the quality control system, and we are commited to delivering the best CNC products you can find in China.

5. Strong engineering support We can help you to make 3d files if you provide us rough drawings and my engineering can also help on DFM report after you upload files, meanwhile the right materials and surface finishes will be suggested based on your applications. It means that our decades of experience is free for you to use.

Be honest, we can’t disclose exactly the listing of our customers, because of the competitive nature of the projects we work on, but there are some top 500 companies to show like Honeywell/Festo/HUAWEI, and we’re always running some mass production projects for the high precision machined parts.

We currently have more than 80 machines including automatic lathes 10sets, CNC turning lathes 10sets, Sodick wire cutting machines 8sets, CNC machining centers including Fanuc/Brother 25sets, Precision grinding machines 15sets, and more. With our rapid growth, we’re buying new machines every year and this number is always changing.

We can accept CAD systems output in IGES (.igs), STEP (.stp), Parasolid (.x_t) format, Solidworks in .sldprt. If possible, please send us Two-dimensional (2D) drawings in PDF format to check more details like tolerances, surface finishe or other special notes.

Yes we can help on 3d models making, but only from your hand-made drawings or samples, not design from your idea. Generally speaking,some customers can’t make drawings in house, and it takes much time and money to get help from an engineering company. Under this situation, they can provide hand-making drawings with all sizes marked, we can start from there and the finished 3d files will be sent for approval.

yes sure. We can provide FAI to confirm quality, and then the mass production will take place upon your approval.

Yes, it’s fine to use your material if it fits in our machine well. But in most cases, it’s easy to get what you need from local material supplier, whether it’s imported or China similar types. and for majority overseas customers, they wouldn’t take this trouble to ship long way here. But we do have some customers who want to use USA-made plastic materials which are not easily available in China market.

Yes, your master models can be 3D scanned to create a CAD/CAM program for CNC production.

Generally speaking, if you don’t have any request on the confidentiality, we will take some photos to keep records for your future references. But if you need to keep the designs onfidential, we of course will sign and adhere to any non-disclosure agreement.

Besides, we rely on our reputation of working with thousands of unique designs over the years and never allowing any proprietary information to be disclosed to a third party.

It’s not easy to give an accurate figure on the pricing comparisons, but from the feedback we received of our old customers, our pricing is typically 25-45% less for plastic injection molds and CNC machined parts when comparing with their local workshops in North America and Europe.


While comparing to our competitors in local market, it’s very hard to say because China is a huge market, and you can always expect quite different pricing. So we choose to not to compete on price but to offer the first-class quality, rapid response and fantastic after-sales.

If you provide us complete 2D and 3D CAD models, we can deliver the parts as fast as 3-5 working days if the order is in small quantity like 10-20pcs. While more complex parts or special features or mass production will take longer. So it’s better to submit your drawings first, we’re fully equipped and will be much faster than most machining suppliers.

Depending on your order quantity, we can use air shipping door-door service, and also sea shipping door-door on DDP term. It means that you don’t need to do anything even import taxes, we’ll handle everything for you and you just wait for the parts in your office.

While for express service like Fedex or UPS, it’ll take only a few days from China to Europe or North America. This service you may need to pay for taxes yourself.

  • Once your order is confirmed, we will perform a full Design for Manufacturing (DFM) review to point out any issues that our engineers feel may affect the quality of your parts.
  • All incoming materials are inspected and verified with our testing equipment.
  • Process quality control will be done during machining and make records.
  • Final inspection reports will be made before shipment.
  • Photos or videos will be taken during the whole processing and also before shipping.
  • 100% quality guarantee: if you find that the parts arrived in bad condition from shipping, please take us photos and we’ll replace immediatly free of charge. Or if you find the parts out of tolerance, still take us photos to show your inspection results, we’ll investigate the problem and replace free parts.
  • We have the ability to share inspection data with you in real-time so we can work together to address any quality issues you may have during production.

We offer a wide variety of finishing services for both CNC machining parts and plastic injection molds. It includes polishing, painting, powder coating, passivation, anodizing, plating, black oxide, etc for machined parts, and also printing, texturing for plastic molding.

Yes we can passivate. Passivation is a process used to protect metals from corrosion and makes machining parts more durable. It involves the formation of an inert (non-reactive) layer on the metal surface, which prevents further oxidation and protects against corrosive attack.

Be honest, we can’t tell the exact figure of your impot tariff, because it varies widely among different countries. Our majority customers come from USA, and we always ship to them via DDP term, it means the import duties included into the quote. For most orders come in 20-300kg each shipment, whether it’s about air shipping DDP or sea shipping DDP, it’s widely used here. Anyway, if you don’t want to go this way, you can pay for import taxes yourself, and most countries will conform to the international HS(Harmonized System) codes based on the goods classification.

For express shipments, we use Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU), which means that the client is responsible for paying import duty when the goods arrive to your destination.

While DDP is also very poplular in European and American market, it’s suitable for both air shipping and sea shipping. DDP means that we will handle almost everything including your import duties, you just need to release a PO and wait for parts to be delivered at your door.

Yes we provide both export molds and also mass production plastic injection parts. If you want molds only and ship them to your own injection workshop for production, please make sure to tell this before ordering. So that we can make sure the molds can fit your machines.





Besides, we’ll do mold maintenance in our workshop before shipping to you. And the extra mold components will be matched to support your own mold maintenance.

Firstly, we make sure all parts will be machined exactly as per required, including materials, surface finish and tolerances. If there is some dispute by your subjective determination, please feel free to bring it up and our management will act and do our best to make you satisfied. And our goal is always to win your confidence in our machining ability to meet and exceed the expectations.

New customers must pay in advance for the first three orders, after that we will consider giving some days credit. Generally speaking, all machining orders will go through 40% deposit + 60% balance before shipping while tooling orders require 50% deposit in advance and the balance to be paid after T1 approval of samples.

Shanghai Elue accepts payment in two ways:

  • Bank to bank wire transfer. Star has accounts in Hong Kong and Shanghai, China.
  • Elue can send you a PayPal invoice and you can use your PayPal account or credit card to pay.

Sure, samples are totally ok to check quality before placing orders. There are 2 ways for samples making: we calculate samples cost and you pay; if you are confident in our ability and your designs, you can release PO directly and we will make free samples to confirm before production.

Not all the time. It depends on the complexity of the pats, if the part is quite simple, we can make you free samples and ship via your Fedex account.

Yes. We will arrange remakes for you as soon as we investigated the problem. Please provide us with pictures to show the quality issue so we can identify them and avoid such issues for your future orders. All the replacement cost including shipping will be on us. Our ultimate goal is zero defect and 100% customer satisfaction.

Yes, we can offer FAI and there will be extra cost for this service. Please advise your exact requirements and we’ll include this into the quote.

As a state-of-the-art machine shop located in Shanghai, we have almost complete inspection tools like optical comparators, plug gages, ring gages, thread gages, height gages, projectors, hardness tester, and also CMM which are enough to handle major inspection jobs.

Yes, they are. We make sure all our inspection equipment will be calibrated each year and accurate to measure.

NO MOQ and we don’t have any request on order size, you can start from even 1pc and put more of your business after you test quality and service. It means that we accept rapid prototyping,short runs and large lot size.

We can process majority metals and plastics, including steel alloys, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, titanium alloys and plastics. We can also help you choose the best material for your application.

Our company has been in business since 2006 and we started to do export in 2010, with our main market in North America, Europe and Australia. And we have deep cooperation with those OEM manufacturers from various sectors in Electronics, Auto, Machinery, Robotics, Medical, etc.

Shanghai Elue has the capability to produce many types of Inspection for the majority of industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and electronic industries. (PPAP, Control Plan, FAI, ISW, AS9102)

The General tolerances for linear and angular dimensions of the parts produced by Elue follow the international standard ISO 2768-1:

-Medium “m” for CNC machined plastic parts.

-Fine “f” for CNC machined metal parts.

Except that, we can also work on very high precision components in +-0.005mm or even 0.002mm, and such tolerances should be indicated in your technical drawings. But we don’t suggest too tight tolerance unless it’s a must, because the high precision will increase machining cost.

The type of surface roughness that can be achieved with machining depends on the type of tool used, the material being machined, and the cutting parameters applied. With modern CNC machine tools, very high levels of accuracy and surface roughness can be achieved, even for difficult-to-machine materials.The standard surface roughness achieved by CNC machining is 3.2µm Ra. While we can also do Ra1.6, Ra0.8 and even Ra0.4. Detailed information can be discussed with our engineering.

It is not mandatory but we strongly recommend both 3D and 2D drawing files on every project. So that we can use 2d files to do inspection reports. If you don’t have any special tolerance or special notes, 3d files are also acceptable to finish the order.

Yes, we’re a CNC machine shop. Shanghai Elue has been working in this CNC Machining filed since 2006, and we have the most advanced equipment in house to provide rapid prototyping and mass production service.


Right now we are employing roughly 80 workers in our factory, 40 for CNC operations, 10 for engineering support, 15 for deburring and packing, and the rest for quality control, material purchasing and some management.

We have gained certifications like ISO9001:2015/ IATF16949(a must for auto parts machining), also we are behind many big brands like Honeywell/ Festo/ Huawei,etc. You can click here to know more of our machining ability, and we’re looking forward to talking about your next machining project and becoming your potential supplier.

CNC machining parts are widely used in those OEM manufacturing companies, and It’s not always so easy to find a long term partner. Below are some points you should take into consideration when you look for a reliable machining supplier:



You should work with a machine shop which is equipped with various machines to make sure majority of machining is done in house. Because it’s hard to finish the parts by one or two types of machines, and precision machining always requires the use of various equipment depending on the products complexity. The other benefits of a good facility are consistent quality and on-time delivery.



Long years of experience means that the workshop has worked on various projects and tackled lots of technical problems before, and it helps to accomplish any task in the most efficient manner.


Customer Support

You should expect a timely response to your inquiries whether it’s your questions or quote. A good manufacturer should make high quality machining parts, except that, they must be equipped with excellent sense of customer service and communication skills, it will save much time to talk.


Quality control

Ask the supplier what kind of quality certifications they have obtained, and how they do quality control during the processing. Also you can ask for material certificate and inspection reports to ship along with the goods.


Face-face video meeting

Because of covid these years, it’s not easy to visit the suppliers personally, so our suggestion is that you can ask the supplier to show you around their facility from a video meeting, to see their machines, their workers, their inspection room, and you can ask whatever questions you may have over the meeting.


To conclude, Shanghai Elue has all the qualities to meet the high standard of a great CNC precision machining manufacturer. You can put your trust in us for manufacturing your high precision products.

Firstly, we never cater for lower pricing by decreasing quality. To meet the high precision request from those high-end customers, we employ the most experienced machining operators and also the most advanced equipment, all the machining centers are imported from Japan and Europe. Besides, we offer one-stop machining services including cnc turning and milling, precision grinding, wire EDM,etc.

Except equipment, we also make sure the materials are selected strictly from our long term material suppliers with certificates.

Except the surface finish, we complete all machining at our facilities. It means that we can control the whole production including quality control easily than those outsourcing companies. And we can also update the progress with photos or videos on time whenever you ask the production status here without delay.

Small orders below 1000pcs, we’ll do 100% inspection for dimensions and surface finishes; for big and stable production orders, we’ll do spot-checking maybe 30-50% depending on the tolerenace requested.

Last but not least, We promise 100% quality guarantee for our CNC machined parts.if you find any quality problem with your machined parts,feel free to write emails and we’ll make you free replacements.

Our in-depth CNC machining quality-control process is just one of the many reasons why thousands of businesses worldwide choose us for their production needs. This process starts with incoming materials, on which our staff performs a comprehensive inspection to verify integrity and performance. During production, we also perform in-process inspection and testing to make sure each part is produced exactly to your specifications.


1) could be reached 24/7,which means there would be never delays for your projects running with Shanghai Elue.

2) progress update:upon receipt of order,we will update you the progress with photos and videos each 3-5 days to make sure you know the latest progress with your projects, just like you are visiting the facility by yourself.

3) quality guarantee: we give 100% quality guarantee, and the inspection reports could be sent along with goods. if you find any parts out of tolerence from production orders, we promise to replace new parts free of charges.

4) well-equipped facility: we have the state-of-the-art imported high precision machining equipment to meet your one-stop demand with first-class quality you can expect.

Yes we can provide you material inspection reports for your checking before running the project. If we can’t find the exact type you requested, we’ll suggest similar materials to meet your demand.

Yes we have over 10years export business,and we know well how to pack different shapes or materials with different packing ways, to avoid the shaking during long days transportation.

Generally speaking, this seldome happens. For a running CNC project, we’ll make you samples to confirm before production, we have to make sure the sizes within tolerence before shipping. The real situation is that some materials will get Unstable dimensions under Different environments especially those critical sizes, so we have to investigate the problems and provide a solution then.

Firstly, you need to take photos when you find the outer packing broken, so we can use these photos to check with Fedx or UPS, they will investigate the problems.

But if the outer box is ok, the inner parts are scratched, it should be the packing problem,we’ll investigate seriously in our company and give a Compensation solution.

At Shanghai Elue,our QC members will utilize height gages, thread gages,R gage, microscopes, 2D projectors, micrometers, and CMM to ensure that the products are machined exactly to your specifications.

We will sign and adhere to NDA with customers. All drawings will be coverted to our own Machining drawings which will be used for in-house fabrication,and based on our company policy no designs or photos or samples should be allowed to disclose to others unless we gain the customers’ permission.

Be honest, I can’t tell Shanghai Elue pricing is the lowest, but it’s the most competitive one which will surely deserve all the things you can expect from a good CNC Machining supplier, like first-class quality, prompt response, good after-sales service and short lead times.

We can make some parts as quickly as 2-5days, but it depends on your machining order quantity, and the Complexity of your designs. You can upload your cad files to get an accurate lead time.

Most of our shipments are sent via air freight, which can take a few days from China to Europe or North America. Generally, for European and North American countries countries, it’ll take around 3-6 working days, but under some special situations like high-peak season or pandemic, it’ll be a bit longer.

1)Cost And Turnaround Time  2) Manufacturing Capability

3) Professionalism and communication skills

4) Quality Certification Systems

It’s never a easy thing to find a good and suitable CNC manufacturing service provider online, especially from China, since the market is big enough and there are various pricing you can imagine. It’s better not to change suppliers frequently, unless you are not satisfied with their jobs or service, since you need to take much time to learn a good way to work with new suppliers, and the overal cost is really big. But you do need to keep 2-3 suppliers as backup in case some urgent things happen.

We provide a wide variety of finishing services to meet your demand from black oxide,color anodizing, beadblasting, painting, plating, powder coating, polishing, etc. If anything not mentioned here, you can write us an email to check more details.

We can provide one-stop fabrication and surface finishing service based on CNC Machining, below are the value-added services we provide:

  • Engineering Cad files preparing
  • Heat treatment
  • Surface finishes like plating, anodizing, powder coating, black oxide, Polishing,etc.
  • Machined products Engraving
  • Machined parts laser marking
  • Warehousing stock
  • Bending/ Welding/ Brazing
  • Customized Packaging

Usually, products will go through the following four inspections: incoming inspection, sampling inspection, production inspection, and pre-shipment inspection.

Our maximum CNC machining can build sizes at 1500 mm x 1000 mm x 300 mm

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