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We can work with 50+ engineering plastics

CNC Plastic Machining

Shanghai Elue has been involved in engineering plastic machining for over 16 years.  We offer custom solutions to meet the demands of a wide variety of industries. Our CNC machines, including vertical and horizontal machining centers, lathes, Swiss-type lathes, and five-axis machining centers, offer high speed, precision, and versatility in engineering plastic machining.

CNC Plastic Machining Materials at Elue

hdpe machining

Nylon machining

teflon machining

Teflon machining

acrylic machining

Acrylic machining

Why Choose Elue Plastic CNC Machining Services?

16Years Experience

we have been working with a wide variety of materials and we know how to process them effectively.

Well-equipped Facility

we use the latest machining equipment and experienced operators to achieve best results.

One-Stop Service

we can support rapid prototyping, small batch machining, and mass production all the way.

Great Engineering Support

my engineering will provide free DFM and proper suggestions on materials selection, or design update.

Quick Turnaround

we have a big machining capacity to give fast lead time under competitive pricing.

100% Quality Guarantee

we provide inspection reports and make sure stable quality standard from batch to batch.

Plastic CNC Machining FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about Plastic CNC Machining. If your questions are not listed below, leave us a message and we make sure to get back within 6hours. Thanks!

CNC plastic machining is a process that uses computer numerical control to cut and shape plastic parts.

CNC plastic machining offers a number of benefits over traditional machining methods, including improved accuracy, repeatability, and efficiency.

CNC plastic machining can be used to machine a variety of plastics, including acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), polycarbonate (PC), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), PEEK, POM, PA, PE,etc.

The steps in a typical CNC plastic machining process include programming, setup, cutting, and finishing.

CNC plastic machining is a subtractive manufacturing process, meaning parts are created by removing material from a larger block. 3D printing, on the other hand, is an additive manufacturing process, meaning parts are created by adding material layer by layer.

Yes, cnc plastic machining can be used to create functional parts. In fact, the process is often used to create prototypes or production-ready parts.

The lead times for cnc plastic machining vary depending on the complexity of the parts being produced. In general, simple parts can be produced in a matter of days, while more complex parts may take weeks.

CNC machining is a process of cutting material by using computer numerically controlled tools. Injection molding is a process of creating molded products by injecting material into a mold.

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CNC plastic machining is a subtractive manufacturing process, meaning parts are created by removing material from a larger block. CNC metal machining is also a subtractive manufacturing process, but it uses different cutting tools and techniques to machine metal parts.

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