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Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) is a material that is widely used in the machining industry due to its excellent chemical, thermal and electrical properties. PEEK has high strength, low weight and excellent creep resistance making it ideal for parts requiring repetitive motion or exposure to extreme temperatures. It also exhibits good wear characteristics and is resistant to most chemicals and environmental factors. As such, CNC machined PEEK components are often used in aerospace, automotive, medical device and industrial applications.

Advantages of CNC machining PEEK

CNC machining PEEK offers several advantages over other materials. It has a higher maximum operating temperature than most polymers, making it ideal for applications that require high temperature performance. Additionally, its low coefficient of friction makes it suitable for parts that need to move smoothly and with minimal wear and tear. Its chemical resistance also ensures that components manufactured from PEEK can withstand harsh conditions without degrading quickly. Finally, CNC machined PEEK components are generally lighter in weight than metal parts, which can help reduce costs associated with shipping and storage.

Overall, CNC machining of PEEK offers many benefits due to its excellent properties as well as the precision and accuracy achieved through this process. This makes it an ideal material choice for the production of components used in a variety of applications.

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Disadvantages of CNC machining PEEK

The main disadvantage of CNC machining PEEK is its cost. Since the material is relatively expensive, high production volumes are needed to make it cost-effective. Additionally, because of its low thermal conductivity and low electrical conductivity, specialized cutting tools may be required for more complex shapes or features. And it has a limited range of colors available. 

Applications of CNC machined PEEK parts

CNC machined PEEK parts are used in a wide range of industries including aerospace, automotive, medical device and industrial applications. They offer excellent chemical resistance and are often used as components in fuel systems, valves, pumps and bearings due to their high strength-to-weight ratio and low coefficient of friction. In addition, they are commonly used in implants and orthopedic devices such as joint replacements and prosthetic feet, as well as in medical equipment such as endoscopes. CNC machined PEEK parts are also a popular choice for the production of industrial components due to their excellent dimensional stability and low wear characteristics.

Overall, CNC machining of PEEK is an excellent option when precision, accuracy and repeatability are needed.

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